Scorekeeping Tips

Scorekeeper's Cheat Sheet

1B        Single Base Hit

2B        Double (the hit allowed them to run to 2 nd base)

3B        Triple (the hit allowed them to run to 3 rd base)

HR       Home Run

BB       Walk / Base on 4 Balls

K          Batter struck out swinging at the 3 rd strike

Ê?       (backwards K) batter struck out NOT swinging at the 3 rd strike

WP      Wild Pitch by pitcher (not a true/earned stolen base)

SA        Steal Attempt (used to indicate the runner was put out)

S          Stolen Base

FC       Fielder's Choice (when the batter hits another runner into an out)

HP       Hit by Pitch

B         Balk

F          Fly Ball

E          Error (for example E6 is an error by the Shortstop)

PC       Pitching Change

LOB    Left on base (at the end of the half inning, how many were still on base)

BNT    Bunt

SAC    Sacrifice Bunt

CI        Catcher's Interference with the batter hitting the ball

DP       Double Play


-Have your line up entered in your book PRIOR to game start

-Make sure all players have a uniform number listed

-Know your position numbers

-Track balls and strikes (very important)

-Track runs (very important)

-Track outs (very important)

-Track who is pitching by noting their uniform number on the column

-At the end of each half inning total your score

            -Write it down or announce it to keep people from asking during live play

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