Official Rules


  1. The annual game schedule will be approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Rescheduling or changes in the published schedule may be necessary from time to time due to weather conditions. Rescheduling in these instances will be determined by the Head of Fields, Players Agents and Chief Umpire. Rain-outs must be played as soon as possible.  Back to back games may be necessary occasionally.    


  1. Basic playing rules and regulations are governed by the Official Rules of Major League Baseball (MLB�??�?�¢?�??�?�¢) with exceptions governed by the official playing rules published by PONY BASEBALL, INC. with the Big Bear Youth Baseball and Softball Local Rules replacing certain rules where applicable.
  2. At any time during our regular season, beginning with practice, players may not participate in any other baseball or softball programs unless approved by the Board of Directors.   


  1. Each Manager must be sure his players are 'warmed-up' in sufficient time to take the field.  Infield 'practice' warm-up shall be limited to a maximum of ten (10) minutes per team, if time permits.
  2. Umpires are expected to be at the field twenty (20) minutes prior to the game starting time.   
  3. No inning shall begin in any game at a time later than 1 hour and 45 minutes.  The inning will be played to completion (no drop dead).
    1. All post season games do not have a time limit.


  1. Before each game, the home team manager is responsible for setting up the field (Bases, mounds and fence).
  2. Home team Scorekeeper will be responsible for securing the Official Score book in the Snack Bar.
  3. After the last game each day, the visiting team Manager is responsible for locking the equipment, putting away the bases and mounds, and taking the fence down.
  4. Each Manager is responsible after each game for the cleaning of his dugout.  Trash and equipment must be removed within ten (10) minutes.


  1. The Manager and Coaches, excluding TBall, must be in uniform (i.e., jersey and team hat) and be on the field for at least 75% of the League games.  A Coach not in uniform may be in the dugout, but will not be allowed on the field during the game.  Failure to comply could result in one (1) game suspension of the Manager.
  2. All Players will properly wear the uniform at all times while on the field (this includes shirts tucked in). Pitchers may not have any DISTRACTING material on their arms.  This includes sleeves, undershirts, tape, bandages, etc.  
  3. In as much as two (2) adult Coaches can be in the coaching boxes, a third Coach may be in the dugout at all times to assist in the control of the Players.  Other than the base Coach, the third Coach may not be any closer to home plate than the end of the dugout, unless summoned by the Umpire.
  4. An injured Player may be in the dugout without wearing a uniform.  
  5. No jewelry will be allowed during a game except medical identification bracelets. 


  1. With the exception of Players on the field, on-deck hitters, Coaches and Players warming up, ALL PLAYERS MUST REMAIN IN THE DUGOUT BEHIND THE SAFETY LINE DURING PLAY. No one else will be allowed in the dugout.
  2. No more than two (2) Coaches from one team will be on the field during play.
  3. All gates will be closed during play, with the exception of the dugout field gates.   


  1. No mascots or bat boys/girls are permitted.   


  1. The game shall be determined by the Umpire's time piece or such time piece as indicated by the Umpire.   


  1. Once a game begins, the Umpires are in charge of playing conditions within these rules.   


  1. In ALL Divisions, all eligible batters will be put in a line-up for BAT AROUND batting order.  
  2. In ALL Divisions, all eligible players must play in a minimum of six (6) defensive outs.   


  1. If a problem arises between a Player's parent and a Manager/Coach, they must attempt to speak with each other first without the Player present.  If it cannot be resolved this way, then the appropriate chain of command shall be as follows:           
    1. A Players Agent will meet with the Manager, Parent and Player.
    1. The Manager or Parent may request the Players Agent to schedule a hearing with the
  2. Disciplinary Board.  Both parties will be heard from before a decision is made.      
  3. All team Managers must have a team meeting with all team members and parents/guardians present.  This is a mandatory meeting.  No equipment shall be issued or practice sessions commence prior to this meeting.  The Manager shall at the conclusion of the team meeting report to the Player Agent the name of the team parent and the scorekeeper.
  4. Team Parents are responsible for collecting fund-raising money, sale of tickets for money raising events by parents, team banner and pictures.
    1. Team Parents are responsible for assisting in the general clean-up of the stands after a game and obtaining assistance from other parents.
  5. The home team Manager is responsible for providing the Scorekeeper.  The Official Scorekeeper shall be responsible for tallying up the stat totals for both teams and have the home plate Umpire initial stats and sign the Official Book.
  6. The Equipment Manager will issue the equipment.  Such equipment 'once issued' shall be the responsibility of the Manager to maintain and care for and return in good condition.  Should there be damaged or lost equipment, the Equipment Manager shall be notified at once. MANAGERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURNING EQUIPMENT TO THE EQUIPMENT MANAGER WITHIN 7 DAYS FOLLOWING THEIR LAST GAME. 
  7. The Head of Fields will issue all keys.  Such keys 'once issued' shall be the responsibility of the Manager to maintain and return in good condition.  Should there be damaged or lost keys, the Head of Fields shall be notified at once.  MANAGERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURNING KEYS TO THE HEAD OF FIELDS WITHIN 7 DAYS FOLLOWING THEIR LAST GAME. 


  1. Manager/Coach Selection. The All-Star Manager will be determined by the Board of Directors.  The All-Star Manager will be allowed to choose two (2) Coaches from the other Managers and Coaches within the division with approval from the Board of Directors.
  2. Player Selection.  Each Manager will present to the Player Agent and the selected All-Star Manager player nominations for the team. The All-Star Manager will select players from the lists provided.  The Manager, with player agents approval may elect to select a player not from the list. 
  3. Manager Tournament Responsibilities. All Team Managers shall be required to work and/or provide personnel to work during the Tournament Play. This time shall be provided during the time their respective team is not playing. Failure to comply with this rule will be taken into account for the following year's Manager and Coach Selection.
  4. Parent Responsibilities. Parent participation is mandatory during hosted All-Star Tournaments. 

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