Draft rules

BBYB&S draft rules

Two representatives from the league (player agent and executive board member who doesn't have a personal interest in the division) will be in attendance during the draft.

All players that are evaluated/known will land in 1 of 5 rows.  Any number of players can be placed in a row.  Example: if there are 17 #3 level players in the draft they will all be placed in the third row.

Each manager gets 2 pre-picks.  There first pick has to be their own child (if they don't have a child playing then it can be whoever they want) there second pick needs to be there Coaches player.  Those picks have to be taken as soon as the row those players have been placed in starts being drafted.

The format will be a snake draft.  Example: a division with 4 teams, would draft 1 - 4 and then go back 4 - 1. This means that one manager will receive back to back picks for every round.

As the draft is taking place the draft cards will be left on the table in open view for everyone to see.  As a manager drafts a player that manager will place there colored sticker on the draft card to indicate they drafted that player.  If the player is taken off of that team during the draft the new manager will place there sticker over the previous sticker.

At the conclusion of the draft the player agent and board member will add up each teams players (adding up the players draft ratings).  Goal is to have all teams players add up to the same value (or as close as possible).  Everyone's total will be made known to everyone in the draft.

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