Big Bear Board Members

It all starts with the role of board of directors and league administrators. The adult leadership that oversees
the baseball organization sets the policies, chooses an approach and follows through to see it happen.

Executive Board Members

President: Jessica Huckaby

Vice President: Scott Davidson

Secretary: Lindsey McMillen
Phone: 760-500-0989


Additional Board Members

Chief Umpire:

Pony Player Agent: Cullen Donoho 909-831-6338

Bronco Player Agent: Mike Page 909-856-8535

Mustang Player Agent: Danielle Zapotosky

Pinto Player Agent: Mike Lindquist 909-838-5669

10U Player Agent: Lindsey McMillen 760-500-0989

12U Player Agent: Dawn Wortham 909-744-4864

8U Player Agent: Aimee Hoover

Shetland Agent:

Head of Fields: Scott Davidson 949-244-1519

Registrar: Nancy Haldeman 909-856-4060

Sponsors: Elisha Benson 909-239-4844

Equipment: Cullen Donoho 909-831-6338

Head Team Mom: Stephanie Davidson 760-500-5996

Snack Bar Field: Bill Jacquez

Social Media/Website: Kristen FitzPatrick

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