Big Bear Board Members

It all starts with the role of board of directors and league administrators. The adult leadership that oversees
the baseball and softball organizations- sets the policies, chooses an approach and follows through to see it happen.

Executive Board Members

President: Jessica Huckaby

Vice President: Scott Davidson

Secretary: Lindsey McMillen
Phone: 760-500-0989

Treasurer: Zaira Bowman 909-744-4922

Additional Board Members

Chief Umpire:

Pinto Player Agent: Mike Lindquist 909-838-5669

Mustang Player Agent: 909-856-8535

Bronco Player Agent: Cullen Donoho 909-831-6338

Pony Player Agent: Cullen Donoho 909-831-6338

8U Player Agent: Stephanie Davidson 760-500-5996

10U Player Agent: Audry Durbin 310-561-6247

12U Player Agent: Dawn Wortham 909-744-4864

14U Player Agent: Elisha Benson 909-239-4844

Shetland Agent: Richard Torres 562-523-2831

Registrar: Nancy Haldeman 909-856-4060

Equipment/ Head of Fields: Matt Nielson 760-338-1635

Head Team Mom: Megan Melloy 909-534-8511

Sponsors/Social Media/Website: Kristen FitzPatrick

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